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Vote - Ibitola Ojoye-Adebayo (Positive Role Model Award - Gender)

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Ibitola is an International multi-award winning author. She is a graduate of the University of Portsmouth with a BSc in Pharmacology. Her genre of writing is Contemporary Romance with a twist which is a portal into her mind and soul. Sparked with a passion for gothic horror, mystery and romance novels; her top writing influences include Virginia Andrews and Stephen King. Her bestselling books book 'Acceptance' and then the sequel, 'Acceptance into darkness' brought her to limelight in 2014. She campaigns strongly for the girl-child and one of the best ways in which she is able to do this is through her stories. Her writing is her voice, a way to speak out on issues surrounding us as human beings each and every day.

This ambition consequently birthed her latest book, ‘MY NAME IS LIZZY ADAMS’ which is the introductory part of the Lizzy Adams Boarding Mysteries series; a young adult fictional novel. This new book also gave birth to her new initiative to empower and inspire the girl-child ‘THE LIZZY ADAMS INITIATIVE’



-Won ‘The Author of the Year Award’ at the Divas of Colour Awards UK 2015.

-Received a recognition award at BEFFTA Awards UK 2015.

-Won ‘Author of the Year’ at the C-HUB Creativity Awards UK 2015.

-Won ‘Author of the Year’ at the African Women Rock Awards UK 2015.


-Won 'Diaspora Writer of the Year’ Award at the Nigerian Writers Awards 2016.

-Won ‘Most Outstanding Author of the year’ Award at The Highflyer Entrepreneurs Online Award 2016.

-Won ‘Best Author’ at the BEFFTA Awards UK 2016.


-Received a recognition award in the immense contribution to the support of the girl-Child at the Nigerian Writers Award 2017.

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