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Vote - Alessandra Bester (Entrepreneur of Excellence Award - )

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My name is Alessandra Bester. I have combined years of passionate work in food industry with my experience in branding for start-ups and blended with my personal crisis, to cook up the perfect and sustainable work environment for myself and others, when juggling health issues and raising a disabled child with complex needs.

The results, Functional Food Co. We are passionate about innovation with ‘better for you’ food that also have a social impact.

Functional Food Company is an umbrella for a range of products that are allergy and gut-friendly. I am also a super proud mum to Ethan, a wonderful boy with a very special taste!

Ethan was born 13 years ago and since he was a little baby he has always been struggling with feeding: colics, loose bowels, intolerances and eczema have been his painful companions and when he was diagnosed with autism at age of three the situation worsened because of his malfunctioning sensory processing.

This meant a very limited diet and endless struggles whenever I attempted to get him to swallow anything other than toast.

During the same time, my own health took a turn for the worse as I learnt I was coeliac, lactose intolerant and anaemic. Together with sleep deprivation, my symptoms of Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome became severe and I had to urgently find a solution for both of us in order to be healthier, fast.

So I put my trust in what I knew.

Having used Functional Medicine my whole life I decided to try that for my son before turning to conventional remedies and that is when the magic began: I started experimenting with ingredients for my son’s snacks and the first truffle of the NoNo family was born! I called it Macro Marz, a dark chocolate-covered, nuts-free micronutrients marzipan: my son loved it!

Macro Marz kicked off the creation of many more truffles, each of them supplying various sorts of nutrients. From omega3 to antioxidants, vitamin C to highly absorbable Calcium. All the vital food components my son was lacking.

NoNo snacks are the answer to the need i have identified. Suitable for people who suffer from IBS, gluten and lactose intolerance or coeliac disease, for vegans, anyone who needs to avoid cholesterol and simply for chocolate lovers.

At Functional Foods Co we want to make a difference to many. We are dedicated to producing allergy friendly, low FODMAP foods which are not only delicious, appealing and interesting, but they are specifically designed for people who have identified or are exploring the connection between what they eat and how they feel.

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