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Vote - Morgan Smith (Positive Role Model Award - Disability)

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Morgan is just 13 years old and yet already he has shown more bravery than an average adult and has used his experiences to become a positive role model for others.

He has Asperger's syndrome, coeliac disease Andy severe anxiety.

From the age of 8 until he was 12 he was bullied so badly he wanted to take his life.

It was the most horrific time for him.

Yet instead of giving up on life he uses his experiences to help and encourage others in a similar position.

He has a daily blog which plots his struggles and difficulties and how he tries to face them.

The blog was met with animosity in his community and school and he was further isolated, teased and bullied over it.

Yet he preservered because he can't bear to think of anyone else feeling so lost, alone and afraid as he did.

He also raises money for charity through his page, his most recent was shaving his beautiful tthick dark hair which is a huge part of his identity, off for Macmillan cancer and raising over £600.

Morgan aspires to spread a positive message about autism and anxiety and to teach others that bullying needs to be dealt with seriously.

He hopes to grow up to be a special needs teacher so he can prove that kindness and understanding is the way forward for children with autism.

His blog is now a happy place for him to be and he has finally made the friends he always wished he could have.

Voting for Morgan would not only congratulate him on being a survivor rather than a victim, it will encourage him to continue his campaign to stamp out bullying and bring a better understanding of autism.

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