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Vote - The Liverpool Signing Choir (Community Organisation Award - Multi-Strand)

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The Liverpool Signing Choir (TLSC) launched in February 2009 in the magnificent Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. TLSC is a unique visual, inclusive, choir based in Liverpool. Its members come from all walks of life deaf and hearing the age range of members are 4 years old to 82 years. Members travel from beyond our city region to be part of this unique choir.

The priority of the choir is to break down the barriers of social exclusion while performing songs through the beauty of sign language. TLSC is committed to the encouragement of social inclusion and acceptance between deaf, hearing, religion, gender, culture, mental health and bridge the age gap. This is not done through lectures or because members are told to. This is the most natural way of its members from youngest to oldest

The choir can be seen projecting their voices as far and as loud as any vocal choir the difference being

"Our Voices Our In Our Hands"

TLSC is a registered charity though this, does not restrict their performances to only benefit its members. The choir can regularly be seen raising awareness, supporting and fundraising for many local/national charities and causes. Any money raised by the choir or donations given to the choir is ploughed straight back into the choir which enables us to fund projects. We are hugely proud of our British Sign Language (BSL) project. We are committed to the advancement of signing skill acquired through songs by our young people. Over the past 6 years TLSC have self funded BSL courses in Levels 1 and 2. Almost 100 young people deaf and hearing aged 10 years to 19 years have gained a recognised qualification in BSL. This has enhanced young peoples prospects of employment, university places and some have gone forward specialising in deaf studies and education. It is hoped that in the future we can do the same for our more mature members of the choir.

One thing TLSC love is audience participation it delights many members of the general public and over the years this has lead to a number of new members joining the regular choir. It has been said that TLSC are

"Balletic and thought provoking, once seen they are hard to erase from your mind".

Any previous knowledge of sign language is required to be a member of the uniqueness that is The Liverpool Signing Choir just the enthusiasm to learn a new skill.

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