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Vote - Helen James (Entrepreneur of Excellence Award - )

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Through many lived experiences of yo-yo dieting and low mental wellbeing from industry body shaming and self-stigma, Helen James recognised she had to become an entrepreneur, in her mid 40’s, to challenge the status quo in the diet world. From winning a place, and some lottery funding, with Lloyds Bank and Dartington School for Social Entrepreneurs - has gathered a large group of volunteers who are training and being trained to open groups around the UK. Full of inclusivity, compassion and non-judgement. We get approached by fat, thin, all age, all gender... asking for help with body confidence and food. We teach mindful eating and coach skills for all of our members to find ease around food and themselves as a not-for-profit. After spending some of 2016 and 2017 on Employment Support Allowance through chronic/lifelong conditions; Helen wants to utilise this direct experience and is building a work skills programme and social franchise model, to empower others to establish meaningful and rewarding businesses without financial risk. Being supported at being our own boss, offers a better fit for our physical and mental wellbeing needs. Being part of the National Diversity Awards, means a lot to The Nutriri* Team.

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