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Vote - Dennis Relojo (Entrepreneur of Excellence Award - )

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Recognised as the world's first blog psychologist, Dennis Relojo is the founder and Managing Editor of Psychreg ( – a global psychology platform.

As a self-funded resource, the core mission of Psychreg is simple: to be generous in providing people with relevant and high-quality content in mental health, well-being, and diversity. But apart from delivering useful content to tackle mental health issues, at the heart of what Psychreg does is to be an excellent role model for diversity and unity. This is reflected within their team which are spread across the globe: from the UK, US, India, and the Philippines. And to exemplify an unyielding commitment to diversity and inclusion, Psychreg articles are written fundamentally by people from diverse backgrounds, from different countries all over the world.

Needless to say, there is no scarcity of online resources within their niche, but Psychreg offers a fresh and unique approach. It delivers its content through its blog, podcast, and publication. To complement with its online presence, Psychreg also organises international events.

Such a dynamic approach to run Psychreg demonstrates Dennis' managerial expertise in assembling resources and driving strategic direction for the organisation. The remarkable transformation of Psychreg from a simple directory to its present form is evidence of his robust decision-making under uncertainty, being forward-looking, and how he creatively solves problems.

The ethos of Psychreg is hinged on its founder's experience: Growing up in a slum in Manila in the Philippines, Dennis witnessed first-hand how discussions about mental health, well-being, and diversity are considered a luxury. This is the impetus for Dennis to change perceptions, drive excellence, and pioneer new-age leadership.

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