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Vote - Helen Frost (Positive Role Model Award - LGBT)

Nominating & Voting is now closed for the 2018 National Diversity Awards!

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I have been a teacher at SHSB for ten years. Alongside my role as a teacher I am responsible for the organisation and implementation of equality within school. I am currently putting together the school's application for an EQualities Award - something we hope will show what an equal and diverse environment we offer our 11 to 18 year old students. In my role as Equalities Coordinator I am pleased to have been involved in a number of activities which have allowed our students to explore the diversity of our school community. I campaigned for and took on the leadership role of the SHSB LGBTQ+ Society - a safe environment for all students to be themselves and have fun. The society has gone from strength to strength and we now have links with local Transgender groups, specifically Transpire, Stonewall and other local schools to share our values and experiences. Alongside my work with the SHSB LGBTQ+ community I have also organised other school events to celebrate our diverse and rich school family. We held an event to celebrate Black History Month which was a massively popular function. We have worked with students to celebrate Disability History Month and have also worked with the local Youth Council and SHSB students to explore provisions for mental health facilities in school. I thoroughly love this aspect of my job and seeing the difference I can make to just one student makes all of the work I do for equalities and diversity in school worthwhile.

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