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Vote - Digon (Ysgol Plasmawr) (Community Organisation Award - LGBT)

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Digon are a pupil voice group within a Welsh medium comprehensive school in Cardiff. They work tirelessly to promote an inclusive ethos within the school to ensure a significant reduction in the number of instances of homophobic language use in their classrooms. They have also provided staff training in their school and in primary schools within the city. They hold an annual conference encouraging staff from primary and secondary schools to promote an inclusive ethos in their own institutions, working with staff and pupils to empower young people to develop their own student voice campaign to challenge homophobia.

They use drama and creative arts to promote this message. Every February the group hold "Rainbow Week" where guest speakers take assemblies and there are various lunchtime activities in order to raise money for national LGBT charities such as Stonewall and Mermaids UK. This year they arranged a music concert on the theme of love and friendship as well as erecting a wall out of shoe boxes in the school's entrance with negative stereotypes written on each brick; at the end of the week pupils were encouraged to smash through those stereotypes.

Beyond fun creative activities, sixth form members are now dealing with any instances of homophobic language and can buddy up with younger pupils who come out in order to provide a friendly face and a point of contact who they know will help and support them should they need it.

The group have worked closely with the office of the Children's Commissioner for Wales in developing resources for challenging stereotypes in the media, they have developed and taught lessons for Ks2, 3 and 4 as cross curricular tools as well as for the school's PSHE provision.

They also respond to global affairs and have been an integral part of a campaign within a local chapel to accept equal marriage and arranged a vigil in response to the orlando nightclub shootings. They are currently working on a response to the situation in Chechnya.

They do all this whilst still holding down full timetables and dealing with assignment deadlines and exam pressure! The school are indeed very proud of them. They are excited and humbled by the nomination which has boosted their determination to keep trying to make a difference.

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