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Vote - AUTISM SUPPORT UK (Community Organisation Award - Disability)

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Autism Support UK is a Saturday School devoted to supporting children and families with Autism and other disabilities by unlocking their potential. We work hard at breaking down barriers to learning while skill building to create happy, independent learners. Allowing children to take control of their environment with functional skills.

We use evidence based practices, individually assessing children to create personalised plans. This focuses on social, communication, group and play skills. Research shows having fun while learning increases the longevity of those skills. A motivating and supportive learning environment is designed considering how the child learns best and what is important to them.

Parents struggling to find the right support before or after diagnosis contact us requiring a stable stream of information and hope for progress to be made in line with their child's abilities. Often families aren't given the support they require, feeling helpless and lost, struggling to do what they can themselves. We don't want these families to be alone on their journey!

We provide an opportunity for parents to meet like-minded families and professionals. Workshops are run to provide information to support access to funding, legal aid, accessing various provision such as Speech and language support, Occupational therapy support etc.

We work hard with the little financial resources we have, to provide this place of information and growth for children and families. We also support volunteers to learn evidence based practices to support the community with quality skills using techniques based on applied behaviour analysis. This supports the local workforce for Greater Manchester and nearby towns. Often individuals go on from their time volunteering at Autism Support UK to gain employment in this field of work supporting children, families, schools and local authorities.

Our main goal is to provide support for families who have struggled to find support elsewhere, using the child's current strengths and what motivates the child to skill build in areas of importance to them and their family. For professionals to use what research tells us how children learn best, investing in progress... investing in them and their individual circumstances.

Please help us support more people...

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